Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc.


Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc. continues the long and successful tradition of the Giavridis family in the shipping industry. John and Anthony Giavridis established the original company “Theodore Giavridis S.A.” in Piraeus in 1968. Through their active and successful management, throughout these years they created a highly regarded traditional and financially sound Greek shipping company.


After the tragic death of Anthony Giavridis in May 1999, two separate arms were gradually created within the parent company, namely Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc under the leadership of Theodore A. Giavridis (son of Anthony Giavridis) and John Giavridis Inc. The two separate arms of the parent company, operate today independently, utilizing separate staff, organizations and applying independent management philosophies.


Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc. and its principal Owners and Managing Director Theodore Giavridis, immediately focused its activities in acquiring new tonnage and substantially expanding its shipping operations. Key events during this period include:


Dec 1999: Acquisition of M/V Gant Star – ex Maria Bonita

Feb 2000: Acquisition of M/V Dynamic

Dec 2000: Acquisition of M/V Gant Prosperity – ex Ansac Prosperity

Apr 2001: Relocation of Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc to new office headquarters  in Glyfada, Athens

June 2002: Acquisition of M/V Gant Vision – ex Lepta Venus

Oct 2003: M/V Gant Prosperity sold

Apr 2006: M/V Dynamic sold

Nov 2007: Undertook the management of M/V Lord Byron

May 2008: Undertook the management of M/V Lord Nelson

May 2009: Ceased the management of M/V Lord Nelson

June 2009: Ceased the management of M/V Lord Byron

Jan 2010: M/V Gant Star sold

Mar 2010: Acquisition of M/V Gant Flair

June 2014: Acquisition of M/V Gant Muse

February 2016: M/V Gant Vision sold

February 2017: Acquisition of M/V Gant Grace


The main activity of the Company is Ship management and Chartering. The Company has a valid Document of Compliance (ISM DOC nr 173581) issued by DNV for both ship types of Bulk carriers and General cargo carriers.

The P&I Club of the vessels is “The Swedish Club” and all of them are insured via London brokers with Lloyds and ILU companies.




Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc., as a successful manager and operator of handy, handymax and supramax bulk carriers, envisions to constantly provide reliable and competitive transport services that create significant value for our customers and employees.



Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc. management philosophy focuses on the following key areas:

  • Human Capital
  • “On-Hands” Vessel Management
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Excellence through quality

Human Capital

One of the most important goals at Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc., is to retain and further develop the knowledge capital existing in the organization, in the form of both ratings on board our ships, as well as our shore based personnel. We value knowledge and experience and focus our efforts in developing values as loyalty, sense of responsibility, quality and effectiveness of our people, through their continuous training, education and motivation. In this way, both our seagoing and shore personnel ensure that our ships are reliable, that they retain their economic value and that they create and maintain the necessary conditions for the profitable dry bulk transportation.


“On-Hands” Vessel Management

Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc, takes pride in being able to implement its long running expertise and provide high level commercial and technical management of the vessels. The in-house management allows the Company to keep the costs at a minimum, without compromising the safety of the vessel, the crew or the cargo carried. The constant and close monitoring of all vessel’s activities, allows us to intervene in a timely manner and avoid unforeseen circumstances. Our excellent loss ratio over the years serves as an evidence as well as a prize for our efforts to manage our vessels both safely and efficiently.

The latest step, towards this direction, is the vessel – office integration which is achieved through the installation of cutting edge satellite communication equipment. Among other characteristics, this system allows the vessel to be accessible from our offices at any and all times, maintain reliable and uninterrupted telephone communication and internet access and provide us even video feed from the vessel if there is need to do so. In a few words, the vessels form actually part of the office.

Customer focus

Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc. believes in the development of long term, mutually beneficial relationships with first class players in the shipping industry, thus creating added value by anticipating their requirements, proactively meeting their expectations and promptly responding to their needs. We firmly believe that going out of our way to satisfy our clients’ needs, will in the long run, ensure the continuous success and profitability of our company.

Experience through Quality

We expect high standards and continuously endeavor to improve our operations. This philosophy is materialized through our continuous focus on:

  • The stringent adherence to safety standards regarding life, cargo, environment and property.
  • The application of effective and innovative processes throughout our ship and shore operations.
  • The improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of our staff.
  • The acquisition of high quality tonnage.
  • The application of the highest standards of preventive maintenance for our vessels.
  • Cost efficiency throughout our operation without sacrificing key quality values.
  • The support and application of standards provided by the IMO and the ISM Code.
  • Satisfying our customers’ needs and expectations.




Anthony Giavridis Maritime Inc. currently manages the following vessels:

NAME                         DWT               TYPE              BUILT            FLAG         CLASS


M/V Gant Flair        28,339 mt           B/C                     2010           Liberia            BV

M/V Gant Muse      56,024 mt            B/C                   Dec 2004      Liberia           BV

M/V Gant Grace     28,375 mt            B/C                   Jan 2010       Liberia           BV


All the vessels have certificates from IACS member classification societies (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai & Bureau Veritas) and SMS accreditation from DNV. It is important to note, that all the vessels have repeatedly passed successfully port state control inspections throughout the world, indicating our Company’s effective preventive maintenance program. Our vessels’ market attractiveness and sound operation, is also exemplified through the repeated confidence given to us by some of the largest charterers worldwide such as Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, Toepfer, TWCC. STX Panocean, Oldendorff, Hudson Shipping Lines, Thoresen, etc.